The Importance
of Leadership
in Today's World

We should never underestimate the importance of leadership. Everything rises and falls on leadership.

If an organization is growing well and making good progress, it is very likely that there is a good leader at the helm of the organization. 

Likewise, if an organization is floundering, before one looks at all the problems, one should look at the leader: it is likely that the leader is not suitable for the role that has been tasked to him or her.

Everything in life rises and falls on leadership. 

If you would commit yourself to become an authentic, competent and outstanding leader, you will see every area of your life prospering. 

Every organization and institution you are linked with will prosper because of your leadership:

  • Your family will be in order because of your firm and gentle leadership for your spouse and your children. 
  • Your organization will be united, productive and progressive because of your positive influence at work. 

Yet if you choose to remain passive, you will see that your family, your organization will suffer as a result of the lack of leadership. There will be disarray, conflicting ideas, misaligned goals and ultimately leads to the downfall of any institution you are linked to. 

Make no mistake, no matter who you are, no matter where you have come from, you need to become a leader. 

History Has Been 
Crafted By Leaders

It is not followers that have crafted history: it is leaders. Thought leaders have shaped culture, military leaders have redefined borders, spiritual leaders have brought about spiritual awakenings in others. 

If you think about it, there is always one single person that has been at the helm of every major shift in history. 

Mother Teresa was such a leader. While in her studies, she was really disturbed by the sights of poverty in Calcutta, and she chose to make a difference by doing something.

She committed her life to ministering to the poor and needy and at the time of her death, her organization, the Missionaries of Charity was operating 610 missions in 123 countries worldwide. (Read more about Mother Teresa's leadership )

Through her works, she did not just change the lives of many poor people throughout the world; she became a role model for many charity workers that came after her. 

Even many years after her death, her thoughts, ideals and mission have lived on in the hearts of many. 

She's definitely a leader that has changed history. 

Yet, one man's ambition to make Germany the most powerful nation on Earth has also made the history books. Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany ambition to conquer Europe and more have led to the death of millions upon millions of soldiers and innocent lives. (Read more about Adolf Hitler's Leadership)

Imagine that: One man's ideal costed millions of lives. That is the magnitude and burden of leadership. 

Make no mistake about it, history is crafted by these men and women of influence. These two famous examples are more than enough to illustrate the importance of leadership.

Today, the world needs leaders more than ever. The world is more uncertain than before. Wars and threats of wars have been on the rise. Youth unemployment is at an unprecedented level, economies throughout the first world are failing, driving many to poverty. The corporate scandals of the early 2000s and the recent Wall Street meltdown of 2008 has been a failure of corporate leadership, integrity and accountability.

Many have failed in their leadership. And strong, authentic, just leaders are needed in our world today to restore the chaos back to order. 

I don't know who you are, but I know you need to become that leader. A leader for your family, your company and for your society. 

Yet, becoming an outstanding leader is not just a choice. It is a commitment to continual growth and learning. It will not happen overnight but will take years of development. 

Come Journey
With Us

Leadership is a journey and it takes time and commitment to become an effective leader. It is a journey filled with exciting turns and twists; days of victories and days of defeat; seasons of molding and seasons of celebration.

It’s not an easy road to take, but the commitment to leadership is the path to a meaningful and fulfilled life. 

And that is why Leadership With You is here for. We seek to equip you with the right skills and teach you leadership insights that you can learn and apply so that you can be an effective leader today in your community, wherever you are.

So come take this journey with us by signing up with our newsletter and committing yourself to continual and lifelong growth.

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