Christian Leadership
Becoming a Spiritual Leader

This section on Christian leadership explains to you about the various aspects on spiritual leadership and how you can build a successful church or Christian organization.

Spiritual leadership is an essential part of the growing church community worldwide. Statistics show that Christianity has been growing at a rate of 1.3% a year, and in Asia, a whopping 2.6% annual growth rate! Although Christianity has been around for over 2,000 years, its growth shows no signs of slowing down.

I come from a church in Singapore called City Harvest Church. City Harvest Church has an explosive growth rate since its birth. Having started in 1989 with 20 people, it has over 30,000 members now in 2011. The church has done many good works in the meantime, having sent out missionaries, send aid to disaster areas as well as focusing on becoming a blessing to the local community in Singapore.


In 19 March 2011, the church has moved into its new downtown premises at Suntec City Singapore. It was an iconic moment in the history of the church because the move happened in the midst of some of the worst persecution the church has gone through in recent years. I believe our church grown so well because of a few key principles.

Being part of such a wonderful church for several years, I have discovered some principles of effective leadership that will take your church community to the next level.

Although many aspects of leadership are generic, christian leadership has an additional dimension to it, the person of the Holy Spirit. This section of the website specifically talks about the Christian aspect of leadership, with references from the Bible and other biblical examples.

Christian Leadership Articles

Characteristics of a Spiritual Leader
The Christian leader acts and behaves in accordance to the character and person of Jesus Christ. Find out some of the characteristics of an effective Christian leader.

Effective Preaching
The preaching of the Word of God must be powerful to change lives. Understand how you can become an effective preacher of the Word.

Leaning on the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is actively teaching and leading you as you are leading other believers. Learn about how you can trust in the Lord for direction and vision.

The Five Pillars
of Church Growth

Accordingly, these are the 5 pillars of any strong local church. Each of them form an important foundation to a Christian’s life, and a church should learn to teach and build in every believer’s life.

The term “church” is not a building, it often means a body of believers. Meaningful deep Christian fellowship is important in the lives of each believer and member of the church.

Every believer is called to grow in the Lord. Sanctification is a lifelong process, and therefore so is discipleship. Shepherding is the calling of every believer, to lead as Jesus did.

The church exists not for itself, but that the world through it can come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Every church MUST evangelize and reach out to the community it is planted in.

A church is a volunteer based organization and it needs the support of volunteers to run it. Find out how you can effective engage your members in ministry.

Prayer is the foundation of every Christian life, and a church must be founded and built on prayer. While we can rely on effective management methods to build a church, an effective Christian leader is one that leans on the Lord, and not on his own.

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