Types and Spirituality

Finding Your Path

One Person’s Spiritual Journey:

"My spirituality seemed to appear by osmosis. I was convinced by the power of faith in the lives of people I knew well. No other proof was needed – I just believed. When a person I admired explained the essentiality of her spiritual journey in a clean, clear, and understandable way, it was easy for me to commit even more deeply. I struggled, though, with the organized part of religion, especially those rules and regulations which defined who was spiritual and who was not.

"To me, God is a personal friend whose tenderness and love are real. All of this is intensely deep and personal and therefore hard to explain in a way that truly captures its essence. However, whether or not I can describe my faith, I know God will stand close and hold my hand through whatever life brings."


Others Might Help Me On My Journey By:

§  Allowing me to reach my own spiritual goals in my own way, perhaps only providing a gentle structure for discipline.

§  Offering warmth and emotional support in times of spiritual crises or change.

§  Inviting and encouraging me to join with them in taking some risks, be they physical or interpersonal.

§  Being appreciative of my quiet behind-the-scenes work.


Common Stumbling Blocks:

§  Devaluing my own talents and gifts when contributing to my spiritual community.

§  Taking on too many good deeds for the welfare of others and overlooking my own needs in the process.

§  Keeping my opinions on spiritual matters to myself until my values are crossed--then watch out!

§  Not voicing how the actions of others have affected me, preferring to void disharmony.


Spirituality Is:

§  Being the hands and feet of God in the world.

§  Living my life according to my values and beliefs as best I can.

§  Trusting that god has my best interest in mind, even in bad times.

§  Practicing devotion and humility in my own spiritual practices by not calling attention to my beliefs.

Following Your Path

Paths For Renewal That May Feel Natural:

§  Seeking private time at home, in a garden, or with pets or animals where I can enjoy the wonder of living things.

§  Helping others learn about spiritual matters in simple, step-by-step terms that also allow me to internalize what I believe.

§  Joining a small group of close friends for prayer and spiritual focused conversation. Informal settings, perhaps in homes, with food and fellowship, make the gathering more special.

§  Learning opportunities that have a spiritual component, i.e., workshops or classes about parenting, getting organized, communication, marriage, etc.

Paths for Going Deeper:

§  Scheduling a lengthy time for solitude, either in nature or at a retreat center or considering a longer service opportunity where I can get to know people as we work together.

§  Memorizing meaningful passages from sacred texts, enrolling in classes that focus on the historical or logical aspects faith, or evaluating how formal doctrines fit with my personal values.


Trap: Going beyond my physical and/or emotional limits to be service to others.

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