Types and Spirituality

Finding Your Path

One Person’s Spiritual Journey:

"I don't think I really 'started' a spiritual journey. I was on it from the day I was born. As a child, but perhaps even more as an adult, I enjoyed organized worship experiences. I felt a part of a larger family. The things I learned about God provided structure for the rest of my life. I seldom really struggled against God or rebelled, but rather asked for more understanding of why some people have to suffer so much and why evil things happen in the world.

More than the organized aspects of religion, though, I find God in the lives of people around me. Through their examples, and then through my own experiences, I gained an assurance that God stands with me and works through me, enabling me to face adversities without crumbling."


Others Might Help Me On My Journey By:

§  Letting me see their spiritual side which serves as a model, encourager, and rich, connecting experience to me.

§  Offering to relieve me from some of the responsibilities I shoulder, since I find it hard to ask for assistance.

§  Taking the time to study and discuss spiritual issues that are a source of concern to me.

§  Showing that they care about me and others through their actions, not just their words.


Common Stumbling Blocks:

§  Becoming so concerned with alleviating the suffering of others that my own needs are left behind.

§  Not seeing how all the details add up to become the overall plan.

§  Disliking complex and philosophical topics not related to my practical spiritual interests.

§  Filling time with "all that needs to be done," sometimes neglecting my own spiritual needs.

Spirituality Is:

§  Using the wonder of what I can see, touch, hear, or feel, to strengthen my beliefs in areas that I have to take on faith.

§  Helping others to follow their spiritual practices.

§  Following the spiritual injunctions or duties of my faith.

§  Looking to God for guidance for each day and beyond, believing that God, who sees the bigger picture, is with me no matter what unfolds.

Following Your Path

Paths For Renewal That May Feel Natural:

§  Studying spiritual matters that I can apply to my own life, i.e., prayer methods, spiritual practices of leaders, or parallels between biblical stories and modern-day-situations.

§  Being a part of a small, structured group for prayer, support, and meaningful discussion of spiritual matters. Organized studies or methodologies for prayer are often fulfilling.

§  Cultivating close friendships with people who care for me and with whom i can partner on my spiritual journey.

§  Participating in retreats, preferably in quiet, peaceful and beautiful places to refresh and relax.


Paths for Going Deeper:

§  Studying and experiencing other spiritual traditions by reading books or listening to recognized authorities who hold those beliefs to see if they match my own beliefs.

§  Spending time in spiritual imaging or carefree daydreaming, perhaps using art, poetry, meditation, or music, to open up new possibilities for meaningful activities that I can add to my life.


Trap: Deferring too much to the wants of others and forgetting my own needs.


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