Type and Decision Making

ISTJ – What is the most traditional choice?

Approaching a Decision-Making Opportunity


§  Investigate decision opportunities in a structured, sequential fashion

§  Advocate for decision-making approaches that preserve the status quo


§  May be overwhelmed by a desire to see all the particulars

§  May relive the past so distinctly that they cannot conceive of things being different

Suggestions for growth

§  Establish goals to help determine which details warrant attention

§  Realize that planning for success is as important as preparing for failure

Benefit when others

§  Devise uniform standards to systematize decision strategies

§  Share prior successes and the specifics that made them possible

Generating Decision Options


§  Test decision options against their storehouse of knowledge

§  Offer decision options that are clear and detailed


§  May expect that everything and everyone can be classified or structured

§  May be restricted by seeing options in absolute terms – all right or all wrong

Suggestions for growth

§  Recognize that it may be most efficient to put some things aside to be determined later

§  Appreciate that other may truly be uncertain when they fail to express a definite opinion

Benefit when others

§  Explore trends and patterns based on measurable, observable data

§  Share points of view in plain language

Committing to a Decision Option


§  Point out tangible costs that are likely to arise from a decision

§  Make decisions that involve incremental rather than monumental change


§  May focus on efficiency at the expense of pleasing people

§  May eliminate options because they require novel actions or new behaviors

Suggestions for growth

§  Pay attention to all factors in a decision – money, time, energy, and people

§  Remember to evaluate a decision on its merits, rather than reject it based on fear of the unknown

Benefit when others

§  Relate people issues to their impact on the bottom line

§  Are willing to acknowledge that change may not be possible or even desirable

Implementing a Decision


§  Assume responsibility and are accountable for getting the necessary work done

§  Follow the implementation plan in a no-nonsense fashion


§  May neglect to delegate or miss the opportunity to get others involved

§  May feel frustrated when noncompliance appears to be acceptable

Suggestions for growth

§  Recognize that solo efforts may be less efficient than collaboration

§  Realize that conformity and agreement are better won than imposed

Benefit when others

§  Offer tangible help to make the decision a reality

§  See decisions as promises to be kept and guarantees of action

Reflecting on a Decision


§  Assess the practicality, efficiency, and logic of decision outcomes

§  Focus on where methods or decisions deviated from accepted practice


§  May fail to examine the emotional consequences of a decision outcome

§  May be too pessimistic, seeing small issues as proof of worst-case scenarios

Suggestions for growth

§  Remember that not all well-reasoned decisions have a positive impact on people

§  Try looking at what has worked for the lessons that success offers

Benefit when others

§  Discuss emotions and feelings related to decision outcomes in a calm manner

§  Provide concrete suggestions for how to strengthen or improve standard procedures

To Get Back on Track, Ask Yourself

§  If I didn’t have to maintain standard procedures, how would I decide?

§  Am I worrying too much over this decision? Is there a way to look at things in a more optimistic light?

§  Who can help me explore whether a decision will be supportive of those involved?

§  Is this decision innovative as well as useful?

Suggestions for Type Development

§  Challenge yourself to grow and stretch in areas that may be unfamiliar or less practiced:

E à Share thoughts and feelings as they arise

N à Look at inferences and future possibilities

F à Consider the interpersonal consequences

P à Adjust to circumstances as they unfold

§  When communicating with others, practice using an unstructured, dynamic style:

    ·  Off the top of my head, I think . . .

    ·  Let’s play around with this idea and see where it leads . . .

    ·  What seems most exciting to you about this . . .

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