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Welcome to Leadership With You! Leadership With You equips you with the skills and insights to become an effective leader. Find quality, original articles and useful resources like videos, book recommendations, icebreakers here.

Whether you are a manager in the corporate world, or a pastor in a church, or the father of a family; you need to be equipped to become an effective leader.

The world today is seeking for influential, authentic and strong leaders. Companies are willing to pay tens and even hundreds of millions just to have one at the helm of their organization! We truly need leaders today.

My name is Yihan, and I have a passion to see more leaders rise in my generation. I am the president of a volunteer organization with a membership in the hundreds. Being in a position of leadership, I constantly see the need of more and more leaders rise in my organization.

In Leadership With You...

In this site, you will find:

Insights on leadership about character and skills that will teach you    how to be an effective leader. You will find over 100 ORIGINAL ARTICLES on leadership here.

Leadership Types - Understanding the different leadership styles
Leadership Skills - Skills that you need as a leader
Self-Leadership - Becoming the person that qualifies as a leader
Communication Skills - How to communicate effectively
Quotes by Leaders - Over 700 Quotes on Leaders 
Team Building - Build a winning team 

• A library of resources and materials that will supplement your teaching and coaching of leaders.

Leadership Movies - Movies that teach leadership lessons
Leadership Videos - Great videos from YouTube that inspire
Stories of Leaders - Inspiring stories of great leaders NEW!
Icebreaker Games - Games you can use to teach leadership
Books on Leadership - Book recommendations for the leader 
Team Activities - Activities to help you build a stronger team

• A community of individuals who are committed to their leadership growth; you will be able to actively participate in this community by submitting your own insights and suggestions for resource and materials.

I believe that these resources and materials in Leadership With You will berelevant and practical to help you in your leadership journey.

As you commit to excellence in developing yourself as a leader, you will start gaining influence and become a person that truly makes a difference in your community.

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Let me begin by saying my deepest thanks to you for visiting this website. Your words of encouragement never fail to inspire and push me further to build this website to be a blessing to more people.

I have only skimmed over the website and the e-book so far, but what I've read was surprisingly deep for a non-commercial and easily accessible product. 
John, Germany

Hello Yihan, I am very grateful for your book about leadership. It is very exciting and amazing. It's encouraging and it gives us all hope. 
-Radovanka, Serbia

I am compelled to write you personally and say how excited I was to discover your website. Even though I have found many websites on leadership, yours stand out because of your Leadership Movies section. 
Emmanuel Lopez

I have stumbled across your website a few times in my research and I wanted to commend you for the work you are doing. Your site is a great resource for leaders! 
Johnny, United States

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